Donald. 21. Lit Major History Minor.
Arizona State.
I read a lot and watch too much TV.


Two years ago, at 10:06 AM, my house caught fire.

My sister was at home and was able to call the fire department, get our dogs and ferrets out, and alert my family to what was going on. It took nearly half an hour for the fire department to arrive, during which my sister had to sit and watch our house burn. The garage burnt, but firefighters were able to control it to the main garage area. It took us seven months to rebuild our house. My mom took over the rebuild about three months is, quitting her job and focusing on getting us back into our normal life. You don’t know how much something as simple as your home means until you lose it and are forced into someone else’s.

Today, I ask that you take a moment and be grateful for the things you have, the house you live in, and the people who love you. It can all be gone in a moment.

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